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Project | 01
Worldwide | Investing in Leaders 


Young people with their inspiration and vision are the future. Link Hands finds individuals with extraordinary potential who are already investing in their communities and provides scholarship funds for their undergraduate and graduate programs. Scholarships have been gifted to a cultural guide in Cambodia; community educators in Thailand; young doctors in America; and anthropologists, engineers, and medical students in Mongolia.

Project | 02
Morocco | Women's Housing & Economic Development
In Southern Morrocco, Link Hands has identified poor Berber women of strong character who are having to forge a life without familial support. Some were widowed; others were abandoned. And all had children. Link Hands has purchased weaving machines and paid for lessons, so the women can support themselves and their families and provided funds for home construction and repair.
Project | 03
India | Indigenous Arts & Crafts

For generations in West Bengal, in a tradition known as Khanta, women recycled old saris into blankets, pouches, wall hangings and other household items of practical value and great beauty. The craft was passed down from mothers to daughters for centuries but was being lost because of the availability of cheap goods in the modern marketplace. Link Hands trained upwards of 300 women in a self-governing collective, empowering them to express their artistic vision and thier life stories. The project culminated with 5 consecutive showings at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has left a legacy of improved livelihood and health on hundreds of families.

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