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Board Members and Advisors

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Link Hands for Humanity is a 3rd generation non-profit that is dedicated to humanitarian values and ethical service. Originally formed by Deva Lewis in 1976, the organization is now guided by her daughter, Nura Loeks. Drawing upon an appreciation of indigenous wisdom, respect for the ability of leaders to impact communities, and desire for all populations to receive the benefits of modern medicine, Nura established the priorities for Link hands.  Ecology, medicine, and education bring these values together.

Board Members
Nura Loeks,​​​ USA

Nura is the Director of Link Hands. Drawing from a diversity of traditions from across the globe and a background in ecology, medicine and education, she has a unique capacity to recognize and to develop leaders.

Ted Fish, Ed.D, MBA​, USA

Ted Fish provides strategic guidance to school leaders, business owners, and communities worldwide.


Hana Drew​, MA, USA

Hana Drew, with a background in architecture, designs the spaces for our philanthropic projects.

Birgit Tylla, MD​​, Switzerland

Birgit Tylla is a gynecologist who helps to oversee medical assessments.

Andi Tylla, Switzerland

Andi Tylla provides IT support and photojournalism for Link Hands.

Heiner Gabele, MD​, Switzerland

Heiner Gabele is a specialist in Internal Medicine who helps to oversee medical assessments.

Gordon Splettsen, MD​, Germany

Gordon Splettsen is a family practitioner.

Sigrid Splettsen​​, MD, Germany

Sigrid Splettsen is a family practitioner.

Helena Shang, MD, Switzerland

Helena Shang is pulmonologist and psychotherapist.

Manon Bertrand, Ph.D​, Canada

Manon Bertrand is a Psychologist who works with trauma.

Holly Copeland, MA​, LPC, USA

Holly Copeland is a licensed personal counselor who works with families and at-risk children.

Leslie Goldstein, MSW, USA

Leslie Goldstein is a social worker and philanthropist.

John Mosimann, MA, USA

John Mosimann is an educator and philanthropist.

Bill Goforth​, USA

Bill Goforth is an IT specialist.

Heather Peck​​, MA, USA

Heather Peck designs and implements mental health programs for at-risk populations.

Marie Chantal-Savoy, Canada

Marie Chantal-Savoy is an expert in marketing and sales.

Eran Krinsky, Israel

Eran Krinsky documents Link Hands initiatives through photojournalism.

Barbara Mapelli Mozzi, Switzerland

Barbara Mapelli Mozzi advises about animal welfare.

Gianluca Bonetti, Switzerland

Gianluca Bonetti provides photo documentation of Link Hands projects.


Giving Well Foundation

The Giving Well Foundation partners with Link Hands to sponsor projects across the world.

Fish Leadership

Fish Leadership works with Link Hands to develop leaders in schools, businesses and communities throughout the world.

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