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Project | 01
Mongolia | Land & Culture Conservation​

Mongolia is one of the last places on earth with widespread, wild grasslands under traditional herding. The sky and land meet like a sea that takes the breath away.  Link Hands is currently sponsoring three projects: protecting the health of the Tsaatan reindeer herds, reducing the impact of eco-tourism in the Taiga, and working with traditional herders to restore native grassland and water resources.

Project | 02
Canada | Heritage Farm

Our Heritage Farm is a working example of sustainable agriculture.  We grow diverse annual and perennial crops in a food forest mode.  We are developing a larger biodiverse orchard with over 3000 fruit trees and hundreds of varieties of heirloom, almost-lost, varieties, which we grow for production, as well as the conservation of their rare genetics for posterity and as a regenerative agriculture resource.

Project | 03
Worldwide | Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Link Hands is committed to identifying tribal elders and indigenous cultures still living in the traditional way. We have assisted the Khanty people in Western Siberia; the Tsaatan in the Mongolian taiga; the Zuni in New Mexico; the Inuit in the Arctic; and more. We believe that traditional cultures are the repositories of human knowledge that can inform solutions to modern challenges.

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